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14 janvier 2010

Expensive last name

I should be writing this post from Argentina. However, we've already had to face our first travelling problems.

Brussels - Buenos Aires should have consisted in taking a train to Paris, then a plane to Rome and then a plane to Buenos Aires.

The train to Paris wasn't a problem. We were blissfully happy, clueless of what was about to happen. In Paris, the air traffic controlers were on strike, which meant that only 70% of flights were taking off. Our Paris-Rome was therefore cancelled. That didn't stress us much, since we had all the time in the world and we knew that it was the responsibility of our airline to get us to Buenos Aires. However, when speaking with the staff, we found out that I wasn't on the listing for the Paris-Rome flight, nor the Rome-Buenos Aires. First rise of blood pressure. After pressing the staff to search a bit more, they found out that there was a Miss LE booked on the flights, but since I had booked the flight through an agency there was nothing they could do and that I had to speak with the agency. Second rise of blood pressure. So I call the agency (in Spain) who tell me that I must have made the mistake when booking the flight online because my full name doesn't appear anywhere in their records. Since my flights is non-changeable and non-refundable, I can pretty much go home and forget about my money. Third rise of blood pressure. So I go back to speak with our airline to see how much a Paris-Rome-Buenos Aires leaving tomorrow will cost me. I pretty much wanted to go home when they gave me a four-digit figure. After taking a ten minute break to freak out and stop breathing, I decided to go on the Internet to try to find a better deal. Which I did! It still leaves an unexpected hole in my budget but I can't turn around now, it would litterally be the shortest around the world trip ever!

So, here I am, after sleeping over at my aunt's house in Paris, getting ready to face the airport again and looking over my new reservation every 10 minutes to make sure I haven't forgotten any letters in my name. Since I had to change airlines to get a better deal, I will now be doing Paris-Madrid-Buenos Aires. That means I'll be leaving from a different airport than my boyfriend and be on different flights to Buenos Aires. So I'll actually have someone waiting for me at the argentinian airport tomorrow morning! There had to be something positive in this story!

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