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28 janvier 2010

Argentinian food

Milanesas - deep fried thin piece of meat, either chicken or veal. Also comes in a sandwich (with tomato, lettuce, onion, ham, cheese and a fried egg.

Hamburguesa - Typical hamburger with lettuce, tomato, ham, cheese and a fried egg.

Pancho - hot dog covered in crisps (also comes in Super size)

Empanadas - with all kinds of stuffings (spinach, cheese and onion, veal, chicken, corn...), although in the regions of Salta and Tucumán they are generally only stuffed with veal or chicken.

That's for the food you can buy on the street. They always come with your choice of sauce. Argentinians usually choose a minimum of 3 diff sauces. Ketchup, mayo, mustard, garlic, spicy, onion, golf (mix of ketchup and mayo) etc...

Matambre a la pizza (to be prononced pissa) - a huge piece of veal, pre-cooked in milk in order to ensure that the meat stays really tender, then covered with tomato sauce and mozzarela and cooked in the oven.

Pizza - all types, usually covered with a LOT of cheese and not so much tomato sauce

Humita - ground corn with cheese wrapped in corn leaf

Tamal - same as humita but filled with meat

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