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31 janvier 2010

Last note on Argentina

So just a few more things about Argentina. We spent 3 days in Salta. During this time we got to eat the best steak we had ever eaten in our lives. The meat was so tender it nearly melted in our mouths, barely no need to chew. That's pretty a pretty impressive sensation! Just a small note on something an Argentinia told us and which I'll let you ponder over: "Argentinians are Italian for the mafia, French for their good taste (of wine and meat), Spanish for their crazy paperwork but dream to be refined like the British"... no comment! We left Salta on Friday and headed towards Bolivia. On our way we stopped in 3 villages: Pumamarca, Tilcara and Humahuaca (where we spent the night). Pumarca is famous for being situated just at the bottom of the Cerro de siete colores. A mountain with 7 different colours. Tilcara is famous for having uncovered remains of a village dating back from before the arrival of the Spanish. And finally Humahuaca is simply a lovely little village nestled in the mountains. After taking 4 buses, we were happy to stop for the night in Humahuaca and rest.

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