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27 février 2010

Samaipata - La Paz

No news for a while there... we arrived in Samaipata thinking we would stay two-three days and ended up staying a whole week.

Samaipata is a small village about 130 km from Santa Cruz. Starting to be a bit touristy but it remains really peacefull. So we stayed there to rest... just reading and playing sudoku. A little holiday within our big holiday.

After a week we decided it was time to move on, a very difficult decision I must admit. Especially considering that to get to our next destination, La Paz, it took us 28 hours of travel. First a taxi to the next village to get the bus to Cochabamba. Arrival at Cochabamba at 2:30 am, and NOT at the bus station like we expected. After a few minutes of stress thinking that we were gona be ditched in the middle of nowhere with our bagpacks at 2 am, the bus driver confirmed that we could stay in the bus to sleep until 6am. So we got a bit of rest, then took a taxi to the bus station at 6 am, and hoped on to a bus destination La Paz. Supposedly the bus should have left at 6:15 but there was some mix up in the seat numbers and the bus didn't leave until 7:15. It's the first time in Bolivia that I saw people get angry. The people in the bus were hitting the windows and shouting at the bus driver. They're usually such calm people. Anyway, we arrived in La Paz around 3pm. Impressive view of the city.

We had to get used to the altitude and all the pollution again, so we had 24 hours of "euh... im not feeling so good"... but everything seems to be back on track now! So, as everyone told me this is where I would get the best deals, I've started shopping :D

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