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04 mars 2010

End of Bolivia

After La Paz, we headed on to Copacabana (not the one in Brazil, which in fact is named after the town in Bolivia) which is on the lake Titicaca. The bus ride took a little longer than expect since on the way there we had to cross a bridge. Unfortunately one of the pillars of the bridge had fallen, so it was too dangerous to allow the traffic to use the bridge. So the traffic had to pass through the "river". Which wasn't exactly a river but still deep enough and muddy enough for half of the cars/trucks/buses passing through to get stuck. It was quite a show to see the queue of cars waiting for their turn to cross the river (dont imagine a nice straight queue of cars waiting patiently but cars trying to get in front of each other to pass first and honking), and the construction trucks helping to get the cars unstuck. Our bus managed to get through without getting stuck ;) a very proud moment. lol

Can't say much about Copacabana, apart from that it's a small town taken over by tourists. We quickly headed to the Isla del Sol on the lake Titicaca. I really loved the island because it's still really "intact" in the sense that there are no cars, no motorbikes, no roads, just little trails to get from one place to another. It takes about 4 hours to cross the whole island. We were a little disapointed by the ruins on the island, but overall it was a really nice stay.

and that was the end of Bolivia. Next stop Puno, Peru.

So just a little recap of the food we ate in Bolivia:

Pollo a la broaster - this must be the most eaten dish in Bolivia. Fried chicken with rice, fries and a bit of salad. Many restaurants are specialised in this dish, and that's the only thing they serve.

Bife/chuleta/lomo - different cuts of meat served with a fried egg, rice, fries and a bit of salad.

Hamburguesa de llama - hamburguer with llama meat. To be honest the slice of meat is so thin that it's hard to say what it really tastes like!

Relleno de papa - a ball of mashed potatoes, stuffed with anything going from banana to meat, sausages and hard boiled egg. The whole fried.

Pata de vaca al aji - cow foot with spicy sauce. I can't comment, I didn't try it, my boyfriend did, but I don't think he was convinced!
In the market, you can get the following - pollo al aji, carne al aji, todo al aji, pasta al aji. Basically all of those is a dish with rice, fries, salad and either chicken or beef or both. Pasta al aji, is a bowl of pasta, potatoes and corn in soup.

Sopa de mani/quinoa  - peanut/quinoa soup

Empanadas - I have to admit, argentinian empanadas win the fight

Everywhere, whether you eat in a restaurant or in the street, you'll also have the possibility to cover your dish with "aji" a home-made super spicy sauce.

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