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08 mars 2010


The crossing of the border into Peru has a story. We wanted to take the bus from Copacabana (BOL) to Puno (PER). However there is a bit of political tension in Peru at the moment, so there are many strikes. This meant that the road from Bolivia to Peru was closed off. So the bus company organised a boat to get to the Peruvian border and then arranged for a bus to wait for us on the Peruvian side and drive us to Puno. But, they didn't calculate how long it would take for the boat to get to the border, which meant that we got to the Bolivian immigration office just at closing time. Of course the employees were more than happy to keep their office open for just a few extra minutes, as long as we were "generous" in return. This meant each of us had to fork out our last bolivians to get our exit stamps. Then we had to run to the Peruvian immigration office in order to avoid the "generosity" problem. So, when we got to Puno, the only riches my boyfriend and I had were 0 soles (peruvian money), 20 bol and some euros. We were hoping that the bus station was walking distance from the city center, but no. We had to take a taxi, and at the bus station they only changed dollars and bols. So we changed our 20 bol and got 7 soles. A little nervous, we asked how much a taxi to the city center cost... 3 soles! Hurrah! Why worry?

So we got to the city center and after a bit of trial and error we found a hostal within our budget. But by the next day we realised we should maybe have spent more than our budget in order to get a decent night's sleep. Our hostal was just under a discotheque. I don't know if it had anything to do with it, but in any case we were woken up at 3 am by a completely drunk girl screaming in the hall. I didn't understand everything she was saying because there was a lot of slurring, but I suppose it had something to do with her boyfriend (what else?). So a lot of screaming and shouting and arguing and cryin and finally a broken window. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep.

We moved on to Arequipa next. The second biggest city in Peru. I have to say we really like Arequipa. Really beautiful architecture, and even though there is a lot of traffic, the roads are quite large which doesn't leave you feeling stress or overpolluted like in other towns. Huge market, with really cheap natural and fresh fruit juices! YUM!

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