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11 mars 2010

Canyon de Colca

Just a quick note to say that we just spent two days in the Canyon de Colca.
We took a bus to Cabanaconde and went walking down the Canyon, to the river. 2h30 sliding down the rocky trail under a scorching hot sun. When we arrived at the river, we were very very suprised to see a hotel with little huts and a POOL. We were so tired from the walk down that we weren't able to resist jumping into the pool... and staying the night. The trek back up the next day was painful, but I'm very proud to say we went back up in 2h50, just 20 min more than on the way down. AND, on the way up, we overtook two German guys, who had starting the climb a whole hour before us! Did I mention I was very proud?
Do I need to mention that my legs really hurt today?

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