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15 mars 2010

Ica - Huacachina

After the Colca Canyon, we were back in Arequipa. We took a night bus to Nazca. We arrived at 6:30 am, grabbed a taxi to the airport and bought two tickets for a half hour flight over the mysterious Nazca lines. Amazing... really really impressive. Apart from the most famous drawings (the monkey, the spider) there are loads of lines and geometrical figures everywhere. It was expensive plane ride, but worth every penny!

After that, we grabbed a bus on to Ica, and then a taxi to Huacachina. An oasis in the middle of the peruvian desert. It was nice... I mean the scenery is beautiful, an oasis with the palm trees and the huge sand dunes... but the village lacked charm. But still, it was a nice place to rest. We didn't participate in the typical tourist activity: sandboarding. Looked to tiring to walk up the dunes under the scorching hot sun!

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