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26 mars 2010

Huaraz - Trujillo

Next stop was Lima. To be honest, we didn't like it at all and we're not really looking to visit big noisy cities during our trip. So we stopped there for two days, but did not visit a thing! just rested and watched tv... :s

Next stop was Huaraz. And I have to encourage everyone going to Peru to go there, or at least visit the region and do a trek. It is absolutely amazingly beautiful. Not the town, the Cordillera Negra and Cordillera Blanca. We signed up for a four day trek and had an amazing time. The trek in itself wasn't too difficult, at least not for us who were adapted to the altitude after 5 weeks in Bolivia. Some of the people in our group had more difficulties because of the altitude and suffered a little along the way. But overall, the landscape was so gorgeous, and we had a really good guide and cook (always important during a trek!). I'll be putting pictures up on the Internet soon, so you can see for yourselves.

Now we're in Huacachanco, next to Trujillo. THE surfer town of Peru. We arrived this morning. there are some amazing waves here. This morning we went to see the pre-inca site Chan-Chan. Some very interesting art. However, the whole site was built with mud and gravel... so it has been very much damaged by years of wind and rain. And unfortunately the Peruvian government seems to think it's a good idea to rebuild the site... what a shame! most of the site looks completely fake. and it seems like they are "re-building" parts that had completely disappeared. It kind of ruins the visit.

The next couple of days should be dedicated to the beach and maybe a little bodyboarding... Have a nice weekend everyone! ;)

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