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12 juin 2010

In Monteverde

Ha! I know it looked like it, but this blog isn't dead! (yet!)
So, since I last wrote... I took 2 flights to get to San Jose in Costa Rica, where I expected to spend 1 or 2 days alone before my boyfriend arrived from Panama. But there he was at the airport, waiting for me when I arrived! that was a very nice suprise.

Let's be honest, we didn't do anything in San Jose. My boyfriend was a bit ill and I wasn't very motivated by the big city of San Jose. So we spent two days lazing about in our hostel. And to be fair, it was pouring rain on both days. A very good friend of ours happened to be in San Jose as well, with his master, so we spent one evening with him, catching up. So fun to meet up with a good friend in such a random place!

Next we went to Jaco, south east of San Jose. A bit of a disapointment. It's a small town by the beach... a small surfer town. And if you don't surf, which is our case, there really isn't much to do. And since it's not the peak season of tourism even sitting in a bar and watching people go by isn't fun cos there isn't anyone around!

So now we've moved on to Monteverde, up north of San Jose. In the mountains, beautiful scenery. But now it's my turn to be sick. So we haven't had the chance to do any activities yet, but we already have our eye on a thing or two. Not that I like being sick and feeling like shit, but it's actually turned out to be perfect timing cos it's once again pouring rain today and... it's the first day of the world cup! So we watched both games (South Africa-Mexico and France-Uruguay).

So first impressions of Costa Rica: beautiful landscapes, very very very green. A wee bit expensive (some stuff is even more expensive than in Europe). Even if you speak in Spanish to them, Costa Ricans will speak in English to gringos... it's a little frustrating!

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