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12 juin 2010

Santa Elena cloud forest reserve

We finally made an outing today! Our first real activity since we arrived in Costa Rica... it was about time!
We had to get up early to catch the bus, alarm set at 7:30. Unfortunately our darling american neighbor woke us up a good 45 minutes before that... she had an urge to call her boyfriend and her mom to give them an account of how she had taken a laxative last night and was now going to the toilet every half hour, and how much her boyfriend completed her. Not the best of wake up calls for me.

Anyways, after a short bus ride we were at the Santa Elena cloud forest reserve. We took the long trail (4.5 km, ok so it's not that long, but I swear it was the longest trail available!). We completed the trail in about 3 hours. It was a very pretty trail, nice thick vegetation and unlike the jungle in Peru it wasn't overly humid. So we had a really nice walk and I was able to practice taking pictures with my all new camera. Please admire the wonderful results here below:

IMG_0745   IMG_0793

We even got back just in time to catch the end of the USA-UK match! (ah, the craze of the world cup...)

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