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20 juin 2010

Isla de Ometepe

Change of country! We are now in Nicaragua since Thursday afternoon. After a day full of buses and one boat, we arrived on the Island of Ometepe. The island is in fact 2 volcanoes in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, that are now linked together, by the lava flow of past eruptions, to form one single island.
We are staying in a quiet little hotel. We took a dip in the lake and rented a motocycle to do a tour of the island. Thomas drove and I sat on the back... killing my lower backside :p  The road was mainly rocks and mud... in fact at one point the road was just one big puddle of mud (by mud I mean a mixture of mud, cow pat and horse dung). Instead of making the smart decision (ie- getting off the bike and walking on the far side of the road where the puddle was less deep) we decided to drive very slowly right in the middle of the puddle...  You can imagine what happened next: the bike laying on its side, and Thomas and I almost knee-deep in the puddle :(


We had to struggle to get out of the mud cos our shoes were stuck and we were the laughing stock of everyone who drove past us. Note that on the photo, we can see the clean side of the bike!
No big deal, we just drove to the lake and went for a swim with our clothes on!

The island is really beautiful and very peaceful. Not much traffic and little wooden houses.
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