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28 juin 2010

First experiences in Honduras

Yesterday we arrived in Honduras. It was a loooong day. A total of 17 hours travelling.
The roads are dangerous, as everywhere, and yesterday we got a taste of it... Our bus hit a motocycle. The guy on the motocycle was lucky, his helmet went flying off but he didn't hit his head. However, he lay on the ground for a while holding his side, like he had hurt his ribs, and he couldn't move his fingers anymore.

Experiencing an accident like that is already pretty shocking but what shocked us most was the reaction of the people around. Our bus driver pulled over and came out of the bus, and without even a look towards the biker on the ground, starting making endless phonecalls. Fair enough, he was probably calling an ambulance and his office for insurances purposes. But I would have expected him, at some point, to approach the guy on the bike to see if he was ok.

As for the bystanders... within seconds there was a crowd of people watching. Nothing more.  They just stayed, staring as if in front of a TV screen. Our bus driver didn't open the bus door until a good 5-10 minutes later. All we could do was watch from our window in frustration. When the door was finally opened, Thomas went out to speak with the guy. He was in a complete state of shock, wouldn't accept to sit down, even tried to pick up his bike even though he clearly had a broken arm! Thomas managed to clean off his hand a little bit with some tissues and desinfectant we had. Unfortunately there wasn't much more we could do. We asked the bystanders to speak to him, to reassure him until the ambulance arrived but they didn't budge. Eventually we had to leave, as another bus had come to take us to our destination.

Impressions so far of Honduras: the landscapes are very pretty and green but unfortunately we don't have such a good impression of the people. In only 2 days we've only had bad experiences. Right from the border we noticed that people were not very open and on the defensive side. They are generally being unfriendly, rude and just trying to make their money off us. So it's not making the stay very nice at the moment. And it's a big change from the open and friendly Nicaraguans. Yesterday we made our way to Utila island, were we'll be able to go snorkeling and diving.

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