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13 juillet 2010

Guatemala - Antigua

From Copan, we headed straight into Guatemala. Nothing to say about the border, except that we'd never crossed a border that quickly! very quick and easy, apart from the fact that once again we had to pay a tourist tax despite the fact that the EU has an agreement with both Honduras and Guatemala which states that EU citizens don't need to pay any taxes to either enter or leave the country... but bygones!

We are staying in Antigua rather than Guatemala city. As I've said before we don't really enjoy the big polluted capitals and on top of that Guatemala City has a pretty bad reputation.

Antigua is only half an hour away from Guat City. It's got cobblestone streets and brightly coloured one story houses. Very peaceful and full of old churches. A little bit too many tourists learning spanish but it's very relaxing. We watched the final on Sunday with our Dutch friends... sad times for the dutch.

Every morning we have bagels with cream cheese... not very typical guatemalan food I know! But we have tried the stuffed chilis (very spicy) and the chicken pepian (soup with chicken and potatoes).

Tomorrow we'll probably head out to Lake Atitlan and after tomorrow off to Guatemala City to pick up my mom who's coming to visit for two weeks !

Pictures of Copan and Antigua coming up soon...

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