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02 août 2010

Mexico... Mexiiiiiiiiiiico!

That's it for Central America. We are now in North America, which means that we are getting closer and closer to the end of the first part of our trip!

We left Guatemala on the 29th, crossing Belize to go into Mexico. For the first time during our trip, we crossed two borders in one day (Guatemala-Belize, Belize-Mexico) and to our great surprise the border officers in Belize and Mexico were smily and polite! We had been used to a much more severe treatment at borders. So that was a nice change!

Not much to say about Belize, since we just crossed it by bus... But it seemed like a very beautiful country, almost all wooden houses (we even saw one being carried on a huge truck), kids playing in the streets. Funny thing, saw quite a few guys selling watermelons... all identical: a wooden cart on wheels full of watermelons, and the guy selling the watermelons dressed in smart black pants, a shirt and braces, and a straw hat. Very cute!

We arrived in Chetumal, stayed one night then moved on to Tulum. Tulum is by the sea and the beach is THE most beautiful beach I have EVER seen! Soft white sand and blue green water. It's a dream, it's a postcard, it's unreal!

As a big food lover, I was very much looking forward to Mexico. I have to say that so far my taste buds have been a little disappointed. It's not that the food isn't good, it's just not as tasty as I had expected. What's funny is that everything here has a different name to the names I was used to from the mexican restaurants back in Europe.

Enchiladas - three tortillas stuffed with chicken/pork/beef and rolled up. Covered in a red/green or mole sauce.
Good when not covered in mole, of which I'm really not a fan!

Chilaquiles - tortilla and chicken chopped up and cooked in red/green sauce. Topped with cream and cheese when served.
Nice when you get a spoonfull of a bit of everything, but when the only thing in your spoon is tortilla and sauce, it kind of feels like you're eating cold cereal that's been sitting in milk for three hours. A little soggy.
Panuchos - three little tortillas that have been slightly fried so that they are more crispy than usual. Covered with chicken and salad.
Nice, but very small... more like a tapas!
Quesadilla - Tortilla stuffed with cheese, beef/chicken/porc, folded in half and covered with cheese and onion.
A winner!

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