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07 août 2010

Chichen Itza, Campeche

We just arrived today in the city of Palenque. Our friends Pavla and Marc were waiting for us at the bus station. We met Pavla and Marc in Nicaragua and travelled with them for a few weeks. We parted with them in Guatemala, just before my mom arrived. They left Holland in 2007, thinking of travelling for one year in asia. They ended up staying 2 years in Asia and have now been in Latin America for almost one year now! It was great to meet up with them again, we just spent the evening chatting and playing cards.

After Tulum we went to visit Chichen Itza. It was a very pretty site but to be honest not as impressive as we had expected it to be. Nevertheless, a very interesting visit. What did suprise us was the fact that locals are allowed to set up stalls on the site... so the ruins are actually crowded with stalls of souvenirs. Kind of kills the atmosphere.

After that we spent two days in Campeche. We loved it! It's a colonial town, so very colorful houses. The town really has something that makes you feel peaceful and relaxed. We stayed in a old colonial house crumbling to pieces.

Tomorrow we'll be visiting the ruins of Palenque, so early wake up call!

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