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09 août 2010


Since arriving at the town of Palenque, we have left the Yucatan region and entered into the Chiapas region. With Tabasco, it is one of the poorest regions of Mexico. And you can tell. Especially when arriving from Yucatan. Things are a little less organised, there are more “messed up” people in the streets, ie – drunk men sleeping on pavement, crazy people wandering the streets. But I'm making this sounds worse than it actually is. Of what we have seen so far, people are just as friendly as in Yucatan and services are still way above the average of central america.

Today we took a bus from Palenque to San Cristobal de las Casas. 5 hours of bus through the countryside. We passed a village with a sign that read “Comunidad autonoma zapatista”, and on the school walls read “Welcome to the zapatista school” and next to that someone had painted heavily armed men wearing masks. A little creepy!

On the subject of buses. At the beginning of our trip I spent most of our bus rides with my nose stuck to the window taking in every piece of landscape. As time went by I watched the scenery less and got a little bored. After a while though, bus rides became routine and we'd fly through 5 or 6 hours of bus without seeing the time go by. Now, I'm starting to find bus rides long and boring again. I guess I've been playing a little too many sudokus and need a change!

Yesterday we visited the ruins of Palenque. If i'd have to make a top 5 of Mayan sites to see I think it would be as follows:

1 – Tikal (Guat)

2 – Palenque (Mexico)

3 – Aguateca (Guat)

4 – Copan (Honduras)

5 – Chichen Itza (Mexico)

The really impressive thing at Palenque is the Palace. It is still very much intact and you can still see some paintings on the walls! This is the first time we saw original paintings on Mayan ruins. There are also some very well kept sculptures, the best we had seen yet.

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