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22 août 2010

Cough cough

Not much to tell about the last week... We are laaaazy. Spent a few days in Oaxaca, nice town where people like to party. There's always lots of people in the streets any time of day or night.
Then we spent a day in the bus to get to Mexico DF. Spent just one night there and then hopped on a bus again to get to Real de Catorce. 3 buses actually. 1 to Matahuela, 1 that drops you off about 4 kms before Real de Catorce, and finally the last bus which drives you through the 4km long tunnel, only access road to Real de Catorce. Super impressive. It's a one way tunnel, so narrow that the bus sometimes touched the walls.

Real de Catorce was abandonned by most of its inhabitants about a hundred years ago, and it's just starting to live again. It's very impressive because there are so many abandonned houses and the village is quite big but the life is really just in the center, near the church, where the remaining population lives. It's a very peaceful village. perfect for a relaxing weekend. So really not much to tell about our activities here since there are basically none! especially since i've come down with a cold and spend most of my time sleeping or drinking tea :)

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