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28 août 2010

This is it!

Our last weekend in Latin America!

We made it back to Mexico DF this afternoon. We have 3 days to visit the town.

Then we'll be off to the second part of our trip: AUSTRALIA!

We leave on Tuesday morning and we'll arrive on Thursday morning in Sydney. It's gona be one long journey.6 hours from Mexico to Los Angeles (with a stop in Phoenix) and 18 hours from Los Angeles to Sydney (with a stop in Auckland). Oh, and a 12h wait in Los Angeles. So that's a total of 36 hours!


We spent three great days in Mexico. The town is really big so we only got to see some parts of it. The anthropology museum was really interesting, we spent a good 3 hours in there. Today we went to Teotihuacan and got a good old sunburn on our faces, but it was worth it. The pyramids are absolutely huge.

We've put more photos of Mexico online, click on the link on the right to see them!

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