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02 octobre 2010

First work experience in Australia

Very positive!

We had the chance of working for a very kind farmer called Rowan. His wheat field contained some other crop close to wheat but not exactly wheat (i'm sorry Rowan, I cannot remember the name of the crop!). He needed to get rid of this crop in order to be sure that he could sell his harvest at a good price. So we had to walk through the fields to go spotting the "bad" crop and pull it out. I don't have the photos here to upload but i'll upload them next time so you can see the difference between the two crops. Unfortunately Rowan soon realised that the task was just to big and that we could be there for weeks so he decided to stop the job short and to resolve to some machine work after the harvest. So we only worked for three days but it was a good start to our working australian life.

Rowan and his family were just adorable. We were able to camp in their field and they fed us lots of food and beer. It was a great experience and we had a good laugh.

We've managed to line up another job, grape picking this time. Unfortunately it is in Queensland, and we're currently in South Australia. Which means we need to drive 2000 km to get there! The job won't start until wednesday or thursday so we've got the time to drive there without rushing too much but it's going to be loooong days on the road.


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