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11 novembre 2010

Arrival in St George

The work was coming to an end at Charters Towers, so we decided it was time to look for another job in order to jump from this one to the next. It turned out that one of the couples working with us had a job lined up but that they weren't going to take, since they were going back home. So we called up and we were able to take their place! So after four full weeks of grape picking/packing, we said our goodbyes to our workmates and hit the road again. Only 1000 km to cover this time! We left on saturday morning, expecting the job to... [Lire la suite]
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02 novembre 2010

Week 4 of grape picking/packing

No I'm not dead, i'm just busy packing grapes! It's been a busy four weeks. work starts at 6am and normally ends at 3pm. We got a lot of rain two weeks ago which meant the boys had the day off, while we girls continued packing what the boys had picked the day before. the rain hurt the crop pretty badly so since then our work in the shed has got harder because we have to cut out all the rotten bits... yuck, lots of maggots and other not nice things.  The other workers organised a little suprise birthday party for me on saturday.... [Lire la suite]
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