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15 décembre 2010


We left St George on Sunday morning. We drove to Brisbane. It was quite strange seeing real motorways and lots of cars again. We hadn't seen so many cars since we left Sydney mid-september! We just stayed overnight in Brisbane. Just enough to see the fake beach that the city has set-up near the river. Very impressive, there are 3/4 pools, with sand and lots of fountains. All free! Great for families with small kids. In the evening we ate sandwiches by our van, staring up at the bats flying over our heads.

We decided to drive down by the coast, since we haven't really seen the sea (apart from sydney). We were a little disappointed because the road isn't actually next to the seaside, and the cities we passed through were really ugly, full of sky-scrapers! We stopped in Byron Bay which is already a much prettier town. It's the place to be in summer, full of backpackers and surfers.

The weather yesterday was pretty crap, rain/sun/rain/sun all day. We had prepared a picnic to eat on the beach but after our first sandwich it started pouring rain! we were only able to run to the nearest phone booth. We had to wait there for more than half an hour before we could get back to the van. Our evening activity consisted in catching a little mouse who had made our van her home for the past week (at least). Whenever we forgot a bag of pasta or bread lying around, the next day we'd find a little hole in the plastic and a chunk bitten off! Thomas had tried to catch her already but his plan had miserably failed as she is a clever and fast little thing! So last night, Thomas had thought a new plan through and we caught her!


Here she is at the bottom of her trap (a bucket), on top of her prize. She was freaked out when we caught her. We had to cover the bucket because she tried to jump out. We walked about 500m away from the van then lifted the cover and she ran and jumped out, we didn't even have a chance to lower the bucket so she could walk out.

Anywho, we're just resting by the beach a little before we head keep heading back down.

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