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01 janvier 2011

Happy New Year!

A very happy new year to everyone!

For us, 2010 ended and 2011 started with a LOT of heat. We've had a temperature of above 40 degrees, with warm winds. To be honest, it has been hellish! It's just that bit cooler outside than in the van, but outside there are hoards of mosquitoes and flies that bite! In the van, we are safe under the mosquito net but it just gets so hot and stuffy! and our drinking water is constantly warm, it just doesn't feel like it hydrates us at all.

We had to make an emergency drive into town today, amazingly it's the 1st and the shops are open! we were able to make a refill of water (we now have 45 litres :D ) and buy a big bag of ICE.... wonderful ICE!

We unfortunately had to start the new year with a genocide. We realised that an ant queen had started laying her eggs in the drivers' seat! when we found them the ants started scrambling everywhere trying to get their eggs to safety. But we can't risk having an anthill in the car so we had to buy some insecticide and spray the seats :( sorry ants (very bad for our karmas!)


I wish everyone the very best for 2011 and I hope everyone has chosen some reasonable new years' resolutions ;)

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