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30 janvier 2011

Australia Day

The 26th of january was Australia Day. We spent the day in Cronulla, a suburb south of Sydney. We were woken up early as some people were already around their bbq, cracking open a beer at eight am. The beach was jam packed with people. Everyone was going around with at least one flag on them, either oz flag shorts, or tshirt, or hat, or swimsuit, or painted on etc.  We stayed at a friend's place and followed tradition, we had beer and a bbq. Went to the beach for a quick swim a few times during the day, and listened to a big... [Lire la suite]
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21 janvier 2011

It's been a year!!!

‎1 year 7 days 12 hours and some minutes of travelling :
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20 janvier 2011

And we're back in reality!

The ten day meditation course is over. I am allowed to speak again :D It was a really tough ten days, but overall a wonderful experience that I can only recommend. 17 hour days of which 11 are spent meditating. The rest of the time, no talking and no reading/writing/listening to music etc... just time with yourself. For more info: So now we are back in Sydney, back where it all started. It's a strange feeling to be back here 5 months later, so much has happened in the meantime! We plan to stay here for a few days to... [Lire la suite]
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06 janvier 2011

See you in two weeks!

We've slowly been making our way back towards Sydney, stopping for a rest in Griffith (too hot: 42 degrees) and in Orange (cold and stormy).  In 2 days we'll be starting our 10 day meditation course (Vipassana) up in the Blue Mountains, so don't expect any news until at least the 20th of January! Wish me luck!
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01 janvier 2011

Happy New Year!

A very happy new year to everyone! For us, 2010 ended and 2011 started with a LOT of heat. We've had a temperature of above 40 degrees, with warm winds. To be honest, it has been hellish! It's just that bit cooler outside than in the van, but outside there are hoards of mosquitoes and flies that bite! In the van, we are safe under the mosquito net but it just gets so hot and stuffy! and our drinking water is constantly warm, it just doesn't feel like it hydrates us at all. We had to make an emergency drive into town today, amazingly... [Lire la suite]
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