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31 mars 2011

This is the end... of down under

We've booked our tickets for Bali! We land on the 15th of April. We'll be working at the Holiday Inn until the 12th, then off to Darwin to catch our flight and move on to the third and final part of the trip. Very excited. We've gone six months in the same country and without wearing our backpacks... It's gona be a strange feeling to put them on again!
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28 mars 2011

Crocodile Holiday Inn

Sorry to have left it for so long to give some news! Thomas and I are still working opposite shifts. So we don't see a lot of each other, but last week we got two days off together. We took that opportunity to take a cruise. The idea was to see crocodiles but since we are still in the wet season and crocodiles prefer shallow waters, we didn't see a single crocodile! But we did see a few snakes and birds that practically walk on water! Other than that we are in our work routine. I polish a lot of cutlery, set tables, prepare the... [Lire la suite]
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05 mars 2011

Staying it is!

We landed the job at the Holiday Inn in the Kakadu National Park. We started work on Wednesday already. Thomas is in charge of cleaning all public areas (reception, staircases, conference rooms, toilets etc) and I am waitressing in the hotel restaurant. We have great accomodation, with fridge, tv, our own bathroom and even air conditioning. We love it! But for the moment we have completely opposite shifts as Thomas works mornings and I work nights. But we get to see each other for an hour or two in the early afternoon :D The hotel... [Lire la suite]
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