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16 avril 2011

Indonesia - Bali

The final phase of our trip has begun. Welcome to Asia!

Our last moments in Australia:

Our flight was booked for friday, so we had planned to leave the Kakadu National Park on Thursday. Employees of the hotel can get a free ride back to Darwin on one of the tour buses. We were told to wait for the bus at 3pm at the visitors information center. After having made our goodbyes to our collegues we got a ride to the info center. We waited in the sun until about half past three. No bus, so we called the hotel and got a ride back as it turned out the tour bus company had decided it would stop at the hotel at 4pm, without informing anyone of course! So back we were at the hotel, no problem, the bus arrived at 4pm as "planned". However, we were not on the bus driver's list. But a quick phone call to the company's office got it all sorted out and we were able to get onboard. Luckily for us, the shortest route had just been re-opened that morning so we arrived in Darwin just a few hours later.

In Darwin we were lucky to stay at the Crowne Plaza Hotel thanks to the beneficial rates for company employees :D So our last night in Australia was spent in a very comfy hotel room, and the next day we even got to enjoy the late check out at 2 pm!

Once at the airport, we are all ready to do our check-in when the air hostess informs us that to be able to get on the flight to Indonesia we must have proof of a ticket leaving Indonesia! Grrr, Im not happy... and I wish to thank the French government's travellers' website that never informed us of this little detail! We were hoping to buy a cheap Jakarta-Singapour ticket from the internet but of course the two internet computers at the airport weren't working so we had to buy a ticket from the airline's helpdesk. Bad flash backs of our departure at the beginning of the trip! Anywho, once this ticket bought, we were able to check in.

So, hitting the road again was not as smooth as I had hoped but we arrived at our destination as planned: Bali.

We got a taxi and asked to be driven to the town of Legian and were instead dropped off at the town of Kutan. For those of you who know Bangkok, imagine Kao San Road. A temple to tourists, it's all gift shops, cheap alcohol and loud music and people shouting at you from everywhere. Well, it's the first night, we are tired so we quickly find ourselves a hotel, get a bite to eat and then hit the snooze.

Today we moved away from Kuta and have decided to settle for Ubud, which is inland. What a world of difference! It's so much more peaceful here! We have set our bags in a lovely little bamboo room and have a terrace overlooking a cute garden with a fountain. Ah, the tranquility of it all!

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