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19 avril 2011

Ubud, Bali

We've unfortunately had some serious problems with our computer. Our hard drive crashed and we need to replace it. This is the second time that we have a problem with our electronic stuff and need to use our so called worldwide warranty. Well, let me just say that worldwide warranties are useless!

For travellers in any case. I wonder why companies that sell electronic devices, especially computers, always have websites that are terribly slow and not user-friendly, which make it really hard to locate a local service provider. International phone numbers given with the worldwide warranty don't work so you have to make expensive calls to the USA. And when you finally do get in touch with the service provider they are happy to tell you that it will take them three weeks to fix something you could do yourself in one afternoon. By the time my computer will be fixed, my visa will have run out and I'll be in a different country! I'm very glad I paid extra to get a two year world wide warranty just so I could spend more money on calls to the USA to find out that if I want to get my computer fixed I'll have to do it myself and pay for it myself.

Despite that little glitch, life goes on :D We spent an afternoon in the monkey forest in Ubud. Its name is very appropriate, there really are monkeys everywhere. They weren't aggressive at all but Tom and I didn't get too close either, wouldn't want to tempt them. But we did see a few kids get up close and have little monkeys climb up on their shoulders. We heard one little girl shout out proudly that she'd already been bitten twice by a monkey that day. Thank you mom and dad for never being so careless with me!

Ubud is also a big center for arts and crafts. It is a shopaholic's dream. We had to get back into the old bargaining habit, it's gotten a little rusty during our stay in Australia. We left Ubud with a lovely little statue, not typical from Bali but actually from one of the islands closer to Papua.

Once our shopping done we decided to move on to the coast. We'd been in Bali three days already and had not yet seen the sea! We settled on the town of Padang Bai. Once again we had to put our bargaining skills to the test. We sat patiently next to the mini buses while a group of drivers laughed at us saying if we didn't pay their price we'd end up sleeping there or having to pay for a very expensive hotel. But half an hour later we had hopped on another bus whose driver gave us a tourist but more reasonable price. We travelled with three old ladies and 8 bags of rice. What's nice here is that although they drive like crazy they don't blow their horns all the time which makes travelling on the road just that little bit more peaceful!

So we are now in Padang Bai on the east coast of Bali. We will stay here for a few days, I will pass my open water certificate and Thomas will do an advanced diving course.


I haven't talked about food for a long time. We are in the country of Nasi and Bami Goreng, which is mainly what we've eaten since we've arrived. It's often a little bit spicy. Indonesia is also home to the famous satay (peanut sauce) which I'm not so much a fan of. And of course Pisang Goreng which is an absolute favourite of mine – banana fritters!

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