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22 avril 2011

Padang Bai - Bali

As of today I am certified as an Open Water Diver :D

I was quite nervous about taking the course but I'm happy I did it. It takes three days, 1 dive in a pool and 4 dives in the sea. It takes time to get relaxed about breathing underwater. It was only in the last dive that I felt most at ease and really started to enjoy everything I was seeing. I saw clown fish, sharks, starfish, moray, sea snake, crocodile fish, blowfish, boxfish and lots of other things of which I don't know the names! Very happy with my experience!

We are going to stay a few more days in Bali, probably up north on the island. Then we'll head to Java and hopefully meet up with a very good belgian friend of mine :)

IMG_3685  IMG_3750

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