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23 avril 2011

Besakih - Bali

A bit of culture today! Indonesia is the world's largest muslim country, in terms of population. However, Bali is mainly Hindu.

We decided to visit the Besakih temple, the biggest in Bali apparently. We first tried to go by public bus (bemo) but it was just too much of a headache. Bemo drivers in Bali multiply prices by 9 or 10! So we finally opted for a scooter rental. It was the best choice, we were free to go at our own pace, and driving in Bali is not that bad. At least in the area we were! At the temple both men and women must wear a sarong, so we had to buy one for Thomas. There were a lot of locals around as today is the ceremony day for books and students. So they were all very well dressed and came to the temple to make offerings and prayers.

In Bali, there is a tradition concerning the names of children. The first child is always called Wayan (eldest), the second Made (middle) and the third Nyoman (small). The story is that families wanted no more than 3 children but contraception not being very good, more kids come... in this case the fourth is called Kettct (the end). And if a fifth comes along they start all over again : Wayan, Made, Nyoman etc. Except this time around they add Balik (again) to the name!

Grrr, wanted to post photos of the pretty locals but this internet just isn't fast enough.... next time!!

Tomorrow we head to Lovina, then to the island of Java!

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