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24 mai 2011

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

For the past week we have been in Kuala Lumpur. We left Tawau, in Borneo, quite quickly as with Thomas' ear infection there weren't many activies we could do. Usually we don't like big cities too much and try to avoid them but I have to admit that we have been quite charmed by Kuala Lumpur. Yes, it's a big city but it doesn't feel over-crowded. The streets are not full of motorbikes zipping away in all directions and loud honking noises. It feels more organised, it has a clean and effective metro system. And it's one huge melting pot: malaysians, chinese, indians. Great food and lots of variety (which is a nice change from Indonesia). We were tired of all the running we did in Indonesia so basically we haven't been up to much here!

The main idea behind coming to Kuala Lumpur was to get out visas for Burma/Myanmar. We went to the Burmese embassy, a sign said that to have the visas done in express (ie - 2 days) it was necessary to give a copy of our plane tickets, which of course we didn't have. But when we got to the counter the guy told us it wasn't necessary, so we asked for the express. We also had to fill in a form and state our profession. The guy asked me to explain what "translator" meant and when I explained he looked a bit annoyed and marked my questionnaire. Damn it I thought, why didn't I write something more innocent like waitress? When we arrived two days later to pick up our passports, I started to worry when I couldn't see our passports on the desk. And sure enough, when we gave our receipt, they couldn't find our passports. We had to wait for everyone else to be served before one of the employees could go and try to find out what was going on. We guessed it was only two possibilities: either our visas were refused, or they were going through the 5 day process because we didn't hand in a copy of our plane tickets. Ten minutes later, the employee returned with our passports and handed them over to us without a word. We opened them and, surprise! we had our visas! So we're off to Burma/Myanmar! We'll be gone from the 25th to the 20th of June. Internet connections will probably be lousy and I'm guessing that I won't have access to the blog, so don't expect any news here until after the 20th of June, but then again who knows?

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