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31 mai 2011

A long weekend in Burma...

That's all we'll have done! Thomas got dengue fever and had to be sent to Bangkok after spending 3 days under the covers in a small hotel in Yangoon.

I have to say that our insurance was great. They took care of everything. In a few hours we were in a plane for Bangkok, someone was waiting for us just as we stepped off the plane and took us through immigration, picked up our luggage. We were driven to the hospital in an ambulance. The doctors were all lovely and since Thomas gets a private room, I get to sleep on the couch. This is by far the most luxurious room we've had during the trip. Big room, huge bathroom, flat screen TV, kitchen!

So anyway, I walk around and visit a little while Thomas is in his hospital bed with nurses checking in on him every hour. Yesterday I stopped at a little shrine on the corner of a busy street. It was a really funny thing, this shrine in the middle of the busy city, surrounded by cars, skytrain, skyscrapers. There was a stall selling the usual flowers and incense, but also a little stage with dancers. And actually, people would pay to have the dancers to a little dance and sing behind them while they made their prayer! Crazy!

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