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17 juillet 2011

Goodbye Thailand - Hello Laos

I'm running a bit behind!

After Chiang Mai, we headed slowly back down to Bangkok, stopping in Sukothai and Ayuthaya on the way for some cultural visits. We rented bikes and cycled our way around the ruins under a scorching hot sun.

Back in Bangkok I saw my brother who made the most of a business trip to drop by and say hello. It was great to see him and he treated me to a l-o-v-e-l-y massage and diner by the river. 

Our time with Thomas' parents was up, three weeks just flashed by. We said our goodbyes and as they headed to the airport we headed to the train station. We took a sleeper train to Ubon (west) in order to cross the border into Laos the next day. The beds were very comfy, however the train stopped in about a million places so the lights were left on all night so people could get on and off without bumpings into things. So not a very quiet evening in the end.

The border crossing into Laos was pretty uneventfull, though I feel I must mention the lazy lao attitude. Leaving Thailand was a matter of minutes, entering Lao took about 15 min per person... not because of crazy paperwork or bribe negotiations, just because we confronted with the Lao working pace. When you get here, r-e-l-a-x and be ready to wait. :D

We made it that same evening to the south of Lao, to a region called 4000 islands. We decided to stay on the island of Don Det. Thomas had been there about 5 years ago and remembered it as a very peaceful place, with a handfull of homestays, no electricity. Things have definitly changed! The northern part of the island is one guesthouse after the other, also playing restaurant and travel agency. Electricity 24/7 and wifi.

Yet, the pace of life remains peaceful. We rented a little bungalow by the Mekong river, and got stuck here 6 days... just lazying in the hammocks, reading, playing cards, eating spring rolls. We celebrated 18 months of travelling, which, originally should have meant a plane home but well, there is still so much to see!

We managed to lift our bottoms out of the hammocks in order to head back to Vientiane in a sleeper bus. Fun experience, single beds for two, bottom and top bunks. Fit almost 50 people in there! We arrived in Vientiane this morning and we're getting ready to welcome my dad who gets here tomorrow for three weeks of backpacking!

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