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02 août 2011

Vietnam - a revelation

On the 29th we crossed the border into Vietnam.

We have had some pretty bad reviews of Vietnam, both from people we've met during our travels, but also from our guide book (the Lonely Planet really puts you off from going to Vietnam!!). So we had pretty much braced ourselves for some very unfriendly people.

And yet, not at all! Sure, they're a bit rough in the way they express themselves sometimes but other than that, so far, we've found people to be very friendly and patient. That is, until Hanoi... that's a bit of a different story. In any case, outside of Hanoi people are lovely.

And the landscapes have also been a revelation. We arrived in Dien Bien Phu and spent the trip with our noses stuck to the bus window.

We are now in Hanoi. We've stopped in a little village called Mai Chau on the way, where we walked around the villages and the rice fields despite the rain. 

In terms of food, we have yet to be charmed. We've already eaten a lot of Pho (noodle soup) and a few nems.

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