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26 août 2011

Back in Lao!

After resting a few, too many, days in Hanoi. We moved on south to Hue and then to Hoi An. We visited the old citadelle of Hue, which disapointed us a little. The chinese influence is quite strong and we're not very big fans.
The old city of Hoi An was very beautiful, with a clear european colony influence. Little houses, painted in yellow, trees in the streets, flowers everywhere. Absolutely charming, but once again it's a shame that the whole town has sold its soul to tourism. 90% of buildings are shops, of which 85% are tailors that make copies of any european-style clothe you desire. The rest are shoe shops, jewelry shops and souvenir shops. Fill up the rest with restaurants.

After this we decided that we had had enough of Vietnam and that it was time to move on back to Lao. We took a day bus to cross the border over to Savanakhet. What a contrast, no more horns blowing, smiles on people's faces. Yup, we definitely prefer Lao. And since we are lazy buggers, we decided to go back to the four thousand islands, down south, and take a few days to rest in a bungalow by the mekong river. We got here yesterday afternoon, and this morning we woke to the sound of the bell around a buffalo's neck. It is attached to a tree right next to our bungalow, munching away on grass. And I am typing this away on the balcony of our bungalow looking at the mekong river.

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