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29 septembre 2011

Sabang - Mindoro

Ooops... you get settled somewhere and then you just forget to update people!

Thomas and I changed our plans yet again! After a few days in Sabang, we decided that we liked it here and we got the opportunity for Thomas to do his divemaster course, so... we decided to stay here for 4 weeks! We've rented a little bungalow by the beach and moved in. Since then, Thomas and I have been diving practically everyday. I did my advanced open water course, which allows me to dive up to 40 meters deep - though we generally dive to 30 meters max. And Thomas is doing his dive master course, which means a lot of reading, theoretical and practical work. He's loving it though. The other day we went out diving just the two of us, it was great fun and so freeing to be able to go at our own pace without following a guide or keeping up with a group.

We had Christmas early here. Our neighbour literally just gave us his underwater camera casing! So now we can take our camera along when we go diving. But we still have a lot to learn about taking photos underwater. It's not as easy at it sounds!

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