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08 juillet 2010

First Maya ruins!

Today 8th of July, we went to see our first Mayan ruins of the trip. We are in Copan, just by the border between Guatemala and Honduras. What a difference to Inca ruins! There are sculptures everywhere, and despite strong erosion from the rain, you can still see just how beautiful they are. Since the ruins are in the middle of a thick forest we also got the chance to see some beautiful parrots up close, as well as this sort of half squirrel half rat and a scary looking worm...
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03 juillet 2010


So here we are on Utila island in Honduras. It is called Honduras but it doesn't really feel like it. First of all the main language here is English, Spanish is only the second language to the locals. The local's accent has a strong jamaican feel (ya man, I taught so!), very fun but also hard to understand :) Another funny thing about the locals here is that they either have very dark skin or very pale skin. Some really look like they've just flown in from the UK but no, their ancestors arrived centuries ago. I've decided to not... [Lire la suite]
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28 juin 2010

First experiences in Honduras

Yesterday we arrived in Honduras. It was a loooong day. A total of 17 hours travelling.The roads are dangerous, as everywhere, and yesterday we got a taste of it... Our bus hit a motocycle. The guy on the motocycle was lucky, his helmet went flying off but he didn't hit his head. However, he lay on the ground for a while holding his side, like he had hurt his ribs, and he couldn't move his fingers anymore. Experiencing an accident like that is already pretty shocking but what shocked us most was the reaction of the people around.... [Lire la suite]
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