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18 mai 2011


Just to let you know that there are more photos of Indonesia in the photo link on the right hand side of the page!
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14 mai 2011

Derawan - Kalimantan

The further away you go from Bali, the more difficult it gets to find indonesian people who speak English. And I must admit that the language barrier complicates the travelling quite a bit. Especially when arriving on the island of Kalimantan. Kalimantan is the world's third largest island. Our complete south east asia guide book has a meager 10 pages of info on Kalimantan. Needless to say much info we had not. We were lucky though and met two indonesian men who spoke good english and helped us organise our trip on Kalimantan. The... [Lire la suite]
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05 mai 2011


We decided to base ourselves in Yogyakarta and then make day trips to the various tourist sites. We started with Prambanan, about an hour away. It is an old hindu temple, that suffered quite a bit in the latest earthquakes. We realised that we were more of an attraction than the site itself to the indonesian tourists around. They love taking photos of us, often not daring to ask but sneaking a photo with their mobile phone, in a very not discreet way.   The next day we went to Borobudur and then to Dieng Plateau. We booked a... [Lire la suite]
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03 mai 2011

Java – Ketapang and Sorabaya

After getting my open water certificate, we left Padang Bai in Bali and moved on to Lovina (up north of Bali). We stayed there for almost a week. It was so peaceful. We stayed in a little guest house by the sea. We spent a day diving on the island Menganjan. It was beautiful! We saw a lot of very colourful coral. The highlight of the dive was seeing a pygmee seahorse, only just a few milimeters tall! Another day we rented a motorbike and went for a ride. We stopped at a natural hot spring. I was doubtful at first because who wants to... [Lire la suite]
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23 avril 2011

Besakih - Bali

A bit of culture today! Indonesia is the world's largest muslim country, in terms of population. However, Bali is mainly Hindu. We decided to visit the Besakih temple, the biggest in Bali apparently. We first tried to go by public bus (bemo) but it was just too much of a headache. Bemo drivers in Bali multiply prices by 9 or 10! So we finally opted for a scooter rental. It was the best choice, we were free to go at our own pace, and driving in Bali is not that bad. At least in the area we were! At the temple both men and women must... [Lire la suite]
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22 avril 2011

Padang Bai - Bali

As of today I am certified as an Open Water Diver :D I was quite nervous about taking the course but I'm happy I did it. It takes three days, 1 dive in a pool and 4 dives in the sea. It takes time to get relaxed about breathing underwater. It was only in the last dive that I felt most at ease and really started to enjoy everything I was seeing. I saw clown fish, sharks, starfish, moray, sea snake, crocodile fish, blowfish, boxfish and lots of other things of which I don't know the names! Very happy with my experience! We are going... [Lire la suite]
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19 avril 2011

Ubud, Bali

We've unfortunately had some serious problems with our computer. Our hard drive crashed and we need to replace it. This is the second time that we have a problem with our electronic stuff and need to use our so called worldwide warranty. Well, let me just say that worldwide warranties are useless! For travellers in any case. I wonder why companies that sell electronic devices, especially computers, always have websites that are terribly slow and not user-friendly, which make it really hard to locate a local service provider.... [Lire la suite]
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16 avril 2011

Indonesia - Bali

The final phase of our trip has begun. Welcome to Asia! Our last moments in Australia: Our flight was booked for friday, so we had planned to leave the Kakadu National Park on Thursday. Employees of the hotel can get a free ride back to Darwin on one of the tour buses. We were told to wait for the bus at 3pm at the visitors information center. After having made our goodbyes to our collegues we got a ride to the info center. We waited in the sun until about half past three. No bus, so we called the hotel and got a ride back as it... [Lire la suite]
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