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28 mars 2011

Crocodile Holiday Inn

Sorry to have left it for so long to give some news!

Thomas and I are still working opposite shifts. So we don't see a lot of each other, but last week we got two days off together. We took that opportunity to take a cruise. The idea was to see crocodiles but since we are still in the wet season and crocodiles prefer shallow waters, we didn't see a single crocodile! But we did see a few snakes and birds that practically walk on water!

Other than that we are in our work routine. I polish a lot of cutlery, set tables, prepare the breakfast buffet, wait on tables and I'm even learning to make coktails. Yesterday the management had organised a pool barbecue for the staff. So we all met up at the local pool, played a bit of cricket and had some sausages on the barbie. It was a nice "outing".

We're starting to plan the next part of the trip. We've got a few people coming to visit us in Asia so we need to sort out dates and places. Looking forward to putting on our backpacks again soon :D

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