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23 janvier 2010

1 week in Argentina

It's just the beginning of a long trip, so we're taking things slooowly. Getting adjusted to the time difference (a whopping 4 hours... you can imagine the terrible jet-lag), and to the heat (that's much more difficult).
We've walked up and down the micro-centro, San Telmo and la Boca (brightly coloured houses, the artist area). Our legs were a little sore from all the walking by day 3 but they're starting to get used to it.

Today we decided to get out of Buenos Aires so we took the train to Tigre. About an hour away from Buenos Aires city, Tigre stands on the delta of the Paraná river. It was a nice break. Cute, small houses bordering the river. Although we were a little disapointed by the "puerto de frutos", we were expecting a market full of colourful, exotic fruits and vegetables. However, in its place we found a market full of "crafts" for tourists. But I was cheered up by our first fresh fruit juice of the trip (I'm expecting many more along the way)... strawberry, kiwi and banana... delicious. And half a liter of heaven for less than 3 euros.

And this time only two things went wrong! The waitress dropped my hot plate of pasta onto my boyfriend's lap. He even managed to get some on the back of his trousers! Then, we bought a present for our Argentinian friend, whose appartement we've taken over for the past week, but I tripped and fell flat on the present, breaking into a million pieces (literally!). This time our "bad luck" made us laugh all the way home. I definitly prefer this kind of bad luck to the one we had before.

Funny thing we've noticed in Buenos Aires: there are barely any red lights for pedestrians, up to them to look at the lights for the cars and make their way. And the red lights are after the crossroads, not before!

Food wise, it's pasta, pizza and barbecues. Not recommended for those on a diet.

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