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26 janvier 2010

Salta: First whole day

So here we are in Salta, staying in the house of the uncle of a friend of ours. A really beautiful house.
Salta is a very pretty town, amazing little houses with perfect front lawns.

Today we climbed up the Cerro San Bernardo. Brave as we are we did not take the teleferico, we climbed all the 1220 steps (yes, I counted in true tourist style). Great view of the town and of the surrounding mountains.

After a well deserved biiiig nap we then went to the MAAM (Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montaña). The Incas as we know liked to make human sacrifices. What I didn't know is that they made sacrifices of children that they buried in the mountain. Remains of 8 children have been found, perfectly mumified. The most beautiful and "perfect" children were chosen, and after a vast ceremony were given Chicha (alcohol made from corn). Once they were asleep, they were buried in the mountain with various objects. It was believed that the children did not die but joined their ancestors and looked over the population. One of the mumified bodies is exposed, which is subject to much controversy since many would like for the children to be buried again. It is amazing just how well their bodies were preserved by the cold. I felt like any moment the child would open his eyes. No photos, not allowed... but you can find photos on the Internet.

I haven't posted any photos yet, I know. We haven't emptied our memory cards yet, will probably do so at some point in Bolivia. I'll let you know when they're available on the Net.

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