Life is what's happening while you're busy making other plans

22 février 2011


We love to improvise but these days it's just been ridiculous. Since we haven't worked since mid-December, we've spent nearly all the money we earned while working in Australia. We were hoping to sell the van quickly at a good price in Darwin, and then head off to Asia.

But it's still the rainy season here and the tourist season doesn't start till another good month. So no buyers for the van :( 

Before we headed up here we contacted a hotel in the Kakady National Park (about 2h from Darwin) but they said it was too early to give us work. We handed out a couple of CVs in Darwin, but no luck. So we were losing hope when, on Sunday, the hotel rang us up and asked if we were still looking for work. We were to expect a call on Monday 5ish to meet someone in Darwin. Our hopes were high again. But Monday 5 o'clock came and went and nothing :( 

On Tuesday afternoon, tired of waiting around we decide that it's time for us to move on, head to asia. Sell the van to a second hand dealership for a bargain and just get out. So we start getting our things sorted, all the different admin stuff. Then, out of the blue the van just refuses to start. No noise, nothing. Damn, no money, no work and now no van! It's past 7pm now so we'll have to wait until tomorrow to go to a mechanics. And we're depressed again... but not for long because we get a call from the hotel again! This time, we actually schedule an interview, for tomorrow. Now at least we have a possible employement!

We have diner and about an hour later, just for the fun of it, Thomas tries to start the car... and it works! It has just been a rollercoaster all day!

Oh, and just as I was typing this message, sitting in the harbour, a drunk drunk man comes along and sits at the door of our van and cracks open a beer. I tell him as nicely as possible to leave and after a wave of insult in my face he finally does. I keep smiling sweetly but my heart is pumping!

So, anyways... still no clue as to whether we'll be in australia for another week or another month... we'll see how the interview goes!

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